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November 27 2017


this is arcane knowledge that the human mind cant comprehend

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November 26 2017

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Let’s drink endless cups of tea and talk until daylight fades.
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November 21 2017

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November 19 2017

Afrykańscy imigranci na wybrzeżu Dżibuti, nocą, gdy próbują "złapać zasięg", by zadzwonić do swoich rodzin w Somalii
John Stanmeyer
When the hell that happened?
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każdy neuron z innej parafii 
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November 17 2017

November 16 2017

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November 15 2017

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The Upside Down
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November 07 2017

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November 06 2017

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November 04 2017

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The cognitive dissonance caused by a society that tells its children to “follow their dreams” through messages in films, literature, etc. and then punishes them for not choosing safe, money making careers in adulthood is fascinating, to say the least

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